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Sermons from 2018 listed by month. Unless it is noted otherwise these were presented by then current preacher, Jerry Henderson.


The Clarion Voices Of God 12-30-2018    

Unchanging Gospel 12-30-2018    

Christians Attitude Toward Materialism 12-23-2018    

Intersection Between Wealth And Kingdom 12-23-2018 (Presented By Reuben Prevost)

Christians And Christmas 12-16-2018    

What Made Hezekiah Great 12-16-2018    

Back To Basics 12-9-2018    

Biblical Illiteracy 12-9-2018    

My Sin 12-2-2018    

Blame Game 12-2-2018    


Anatomy Of God 11-25-2018    

Hear Like Israel Heard 11-25-2018    

God's Word Is Not Bound 11-18-2018    

I Set The Lord Always Before Me 11-18-2018    

A Will To Do God's Will 11-11-2018    

Devil's Game Plan 11-11-2018    

Apathy #2 11-4-2018    

Things We Cannot Escape 11-04-2018    


Apathy #1 10-28-2018    

Church At Laodicea 10-28-2018    

How Well Do We Listen 10-21-2018    

Church At Philadelphia 10-21-2018    

An Ideal Audience 10-14-2018    

Church At Sardis 10-14-2018    

What Keeps Us From Giving Up 10-10-2018 (Presented by Wes Brown)

Where God Has Placed Salvation 10-7-2018    

Church At Thyatira 10-7-2018    


Saul Of Tarsus 09-30-2018    

Church At Pergamos 09-30-2018    

No Acceptable Substitutes In The Spiritual Realm 09-23-2018    

Church At Smyrna 09-23-2018    

No Acceptable Substitutes In Physical Realm 09-16-2018    

Church At Ephesus 09-16-2018    

Prepared For Christ's Coming 09-9-2018    

Leading Men To Christ 09-9-2018    

Be Ye Reconciled To God 09-2-2018 AM    

First Unity Movement 09-2-2018 PM    


They Watched Him There (Bible class) 08-26-2018 (Presented by Don Miller)

The Cross Of Christ (AM) 08-26-2018 (Presented by Don Miller)

Will A Man Rob God (PM) 08-26-2018 (Presented by Don Miller)

Luke 15 (Bible class) 08-19-2018 (Presented by Don Miller)

No Man Commeth To The Father But By Me (AM) 08-19-2018 (Presented by Don Miller)

Lessons We Can Learn From Tomorrow (PM) 08-19-2018 (Presented by Don Miller)

Consider The Lilies 08-12-2018    

The Road To Ruin 08-12-2018    

Spoiled Christians 08-5-2018    

The Seed Of The Kingdom 08-5-2018    


God's Attributes And Man's Sin 07-29-2018    

Lessons Learned From False Teachers 07-29-2018    

Help In The Storm 07-15-2018    

Stewardship 07-15-2018    

Holy In Conduct 07-1-2018    

What We Can Do For The Meeting 07-1-2018    


A Knowledge Of The Truth 06-24-2018    

Bond Servant Of Christ 06-24-2018    

Certainty Of Our Inheritance 06-17-2018    

David - A Man Of Many Giants 06-17-2018    

The Christian Life According to Phllippians 06-10-2018    

Sowing The Wind 06-10-2018    

The Syro-Phoenician Woman 06-3-2018    

Workers Together With God 06-3-2018    


Does Every Person Have A Right To Their Own Belief 05-27-2018    

Marks of Maturity 05-27-2018    

Citizens of America, Citizens of Judah 05-20-2018     (Presented by Frank Richey)

The Christian's Hope 05-20-2018     (Presented by Frank Richey)

Is Your Religion Really Yours (Part 2) 05-13-2018    

The Seriousness Of Being A Christian 05-13-2018    

Is Your Religion Really Yours (Part 1) 05-06-2018    

The High Cost Of A Free Gift 05-06-2018    


Grace Through Faith 04-29-2018    

Sacrifces Of A Christian 04-29-2018    

Peter An Image Of Human Frailty 04-22-2018    

When I Am No Longer I 04-22-2018    

Christ Our Mediator 04-15-2018    

Who Killed Jesus 04-15-2018    

Pitching Our Tent Toward Sodom 04-8-2018    

The Polluted City 04-8-2018    


David Strengthened Himself 03-25-2018    

Is Salvation Only In The Church 03-25-2018    

Destruction of Ones Faith 03-18-2018    

A Gospel Meeting 03-18-2018    

The Problem Of Immaturity 03-11-2018 (Presented by Donnie Horton)

Questions We Can Ask Ourselves To Check Our Maturity 03-11-2018 (Presented by Donnie Horton)

How Noah Built The Ark 03-4-2018    

Your Adversary The Devil 03-4-2018    


Elijah An Example For Us 02-25-2018    

Living Hope 02-25-2018    

Conscience 02-18-2018    

Habakkuk's Plea 02-18-2018    

Is The Church of Christ Just Another Denomination 02-11-2018    

The Local Church Or Assembly 02-11-2018    

Distinctions In Sin 02-4-2018    

Spiritually Minded 02-4-2018    


Showing God We Love Him 01-28-2018    

Why Am I Here 01-28-2018    

Re-digging Old Wells 01-21-2018    

We Persuade Men 01-21-2018    

The Impartiality Of God 01-14-2018    

How to Make The Church Grow-2 01-14-2018    

Changing Our World 01-7-2018    

How to Make The Church Grow-1 01-7-2018