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Sermons from 2021 listed by month. Unless it is noted otherwise these were presented by then current preacher, Jerry Henderson.


Breastplate Of Righteousness 12-26-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)  

Gospel Of Peace Shoes 12-26-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)  

Isaiah - The Lord Is Salvation 02 12-26-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)  

Belt Of Truth 12-19-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)    

Reflection 12-19-2021 (Presented by Drew Entrekin)

Preparing For Battle 12-12-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)    

Fruit Of The Spirit 12-12-2021 (Presented by Drew Entrekin)

The Jerusalem Congregation 01 12-05-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)  

The Jerusalem Congregation 02 12-05-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)  


Keys To Spiritual Success 11-28-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)  

By Grace Of God I Am 11-28-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)  

Preaching To Bones 11-21-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)  

The Sticks 11-21-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)  

Self-Reflection 11-14-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)

Ezra 11-14-2021 (Presented by JD Griffin)

Israel's Idolatry 11-07-2021 (Presented by Bruce Tooley)

Rest - Restorative Rest 11-07-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)  


Elijah The Prophet Of God 10-31-2021 (Presented by Bruce Tooley)

Sometimes God Whispers 10-31-2021 (Presented by Tim Henderson)

Go To War To Find Peace 10-24-2021    

Making A Better Congregation 10-24-2021    

What Does Jesus Mean To You 10-17-2021    

What It Means To Reject Christ 10-17-2021    

He Taught As One Having Authority 10-10-2021    

What It Means To Be In Christ 10-10-2021    

Building To Withstand The Storms 10-03-2021    

Too Much Of A Good Thing 10-03-2021    


Looking In The Mirror 09-26-2021    

Who Will Enter The Kingdom 09-26-2021    

Are You On The Right Way 09-19-2021    

Emotions In The Christian's Life 09-19-2021    

Fit For The Kingdom 09-12-2021    

The Golden Rule 09-12-2021    

Authority - The Supreme Court Is Not Supreme 09-5-2021    

Watch Out For Wolves 09-5-2021    


Christianity In Everyday Life 08-29-2021    

John Chapter 9 08-29-2021 (Presented by Bruce Tooley)

Peace Of Conscience 08-22-2021    

To Judge Or Not To Judge 08-22-2021    

Lessons From A Disobedient Prophet 08-15-2021    

Foundations 08-15-2021 (Presented by J. D. Griffin)

Fullness In Christ 08-08-2021    

Winning The War Over Worry 08-08-2021    

Burdens Of Life 08-01-2021    

Gaining Mastery Over Mammon 08-01-2021    


Fasting That Pleases God 07-25-2021    

Workers Together With God 07-25-2021    

Charity That Pleases God 07-18-2021    

Almost Persuaded 07-18-2021    

Acting Like Our Father 07-04-2021    

All Sufficiency Of The Scriptures 07-04-2021    


Responding To Evil 06-27-2021    

What It Means To Receive The Word 06-27-2021    

Fatherhood The Lord's Gift 06-20-2021    

Swearing Of Oaths 06-20-2021    

Baptism 06-16-2021 (Presented by Ruben Prevost)

The Banquet 06-13-2021 (Presented by Ruben Prevost)

The Loving Father 06-13-2021 (Presented by Ruben Prevost)

Are You Listening 06-13-2021 (Presented by Ruben Prevost)

Nipping Adultery In The Bud 06-06-2021    

Who Is A Christian 06-06-2021    


Anger That Kills 05-30-2021    

Flee, Follow, Fight, Focus 05-30-2021    

Providence And Prayer 05-23-2021 (Presented by Bruce Tooley)

Religious Confusion 05-23-2021 (Presented by David Tiffin)

Righteousness Of Scribes And Pharisees 05-16-2021    

What Is Your Life 05-16-2021    

Jesus And The Law 05-09-2021    

Motherhood 05-09-2021    

The Light Of The World 05-02-2021    

Be Focused Stay Faithful Look Forward 05-02-2021    


The Salt Of The Earth 04-25-2021    

Rule Of Success 04-25-2021    

The Beatitudes (2) 04-18-2021    

By What Standard 04-18-2021    

The Beatitudes (1) 04-11-2021    

None Of These Things Move Me 04-11-2021    

Introduction To Sermon On Mount 04-04-2021    

In What Do You Glory 04-04-2021    


04 Holy Spirit 03-28-2021    

Am I Drifting 03-28-2021    

03 Holy Spirit 03-21-2021    

Jesus Our Lord 03-21-2021    

02 Holy Spirit 03-14-2021    

Sin - Its Results And Remedy 03-14-2021    

01 Holy Spirit 03-07-2021    

Jesus Our Savior 03-07-2021    


Proper Worship 02-28-2021    

What Lack I Yet 02-28-2021    

Lord's Supper As Worship 02-21-2021    

Imputed Righteousness 02-21-2021    

Giving As Worship 02-14-2021    

Wicked Like Troubled Sea 02-14-2021    

Singing As Worship 02-07-2021    

When Thou Art Converted 02-07-2021    


Church That Is Of Christ 01-31-2021    

Samson 01-31-2021 (Presented by Bruce Tooley)

Prayer As Worship 01-24-2021    

Spiritual Fitness 01-24-2021    

Teaching As Worship 01-17-2021    

The Wonderful Word Of God 01-17-2021    

Our Objective In Life 01-10-2021    

They That Worship God (2) 01-10-2021    

New Year 2021 01-3-2021    

They That Worship God (1) 01-3-2021